Pest and Caterpillar Control

Prevention, as you know, is the key to health. This wording is also relevant to the garden. No matter how safe modern insecticides are, I want to minimize their number to get a truly organic crop. And for this, you need to regularly “go around with patrol” your possessions, checking plants for the presence of laying caterpillars. Web-bound leaves must be removed and destroyed immediately. One of the methods of prevention is the whitewashing of trees, which protects plants not only from insects but also from sunburn. Digging in the garden is also quite effective. Small grooves around the perimeter prevent many caterpillars from reaching the garden. Grooves need to be cleaned periodically.

Caterpillar Insecticides

Insecticides are contacted (they protect only the treated parts of plants, they act quickly, but, as a rule, they are also quickly washed off by rain), intestinal (enter the body of the insect with food and thus destroy the pest), systemic (affect insects in various ways).

The Following Drugs Can Be Used to Control Caterpillars:

Baudin – is intended for processing potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant and other plants from wireworms, cabbage flies, caterpillars, aphids, weevils, gnawing scoops, bears, garden ants.

Garden rescuer – insecticide and fungicide in one drug. Highly effective against the vast majority of pests that cause serious damage to agriculture and all types of diseases.

BI-58 New is one of the best options for protecting many crops from a wide range of pests. The active substance of the drug is the method. BI-58 is designed to protect crops such as apple, pear, plum, currants, raspberries, grapes, vegetables, flower crops, ornamental shrubs.

Fitoverm KE- This is a biological preparation (insecticide and acaricide) for combating ticks, aphids, thrips, leaf-eating caterpillars on vegetable, fruit, flower crops, indoor plants.

Inta-Vir is a broad-spectrum drug. It is dangerous for beneficial insects (therefore, you can not spray plants during the flowering period) and aquatic inhabitants.

Actellik – an organophosphorus insecticide – acaricide No. 1 for pest control of agricultural crops of open and closed ground, as well as pests of grain storage, ornamental and medicinal plants. It destroys not only aphids and ticks, but also effectively fights insects that have strong “armor” – false shields, scale insects, mealybug and whitefly larvae.

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