Conifers, like all others, are susceptible to attack by pests. You can cope with them, knowing how they look, how they damage trees and shrubs, as wel
A single caterpillar can damage several fruits (2-3), crawling from one to another. Nutrition lasts about a month. As a result of damage to the ovary,
So, we talked about how to deal with the onion fly, now let's talk about how to deal with its larvae. If the infection has already begun, and you see
This fly is called onion because it most often affects onion plants, but sometimes it can attack garlic and even bulb flowers. Usually, onion or leek
Not sure how dangerous this cute insect can be? Read what the May bug (Khrushchev) eats and how to deal with it in a summer cottage. The chafer beetle
We talked about all the main ways to combat the onion fly, tried to talk about the most effective folk methods of combating this pest, like gnat insec
Tobacco dust Tobacco dust is popular among gardeners, and therefore it is commercially available and there is no need to grind tobacco into dust, as m
Apple moth (lat. Cydia pomonella) is one of the most dangerous insect pests of the apple tree. It is widespread everywhere. Therefore, amateur garden
The question of how to process cabbage, roses, apple trees, and other plants from caterpillars is of concern to most gardeners and gardeners. After al
These insects are already scaring summer residents and landowners. The white cicadas is a native of North America, from where the Kolorodsky bug, whic
May Beetle Fight An integrated approach is important here since the application of anyone’s method is often ineffective. 1. Collection of Larvae In
If dark red growths appeared on the leaves of currant, this is an alarming sign: plants are affected by leaf gall aphids. What Is Gall Aphid? A common
Folk remedies are not always as effective and efficient as store insecticides. But they are also capable of causing significant damage to a multi-legg
Scaffolds and False Shields You can meet the scabbard on the juniper and thuja, she began to appear on the yew. All guards have protective shields; th
Prevention, as you know, is the key to health. This wording is also relevant to the garden. No matter how safe modern insecticides are, I want to mini